0xWarriors begins its item pre-sale on TRON this week

0xWarriors has fired the starting pistol on its latest pre-sale on TRON

The time has come for the developers behind 0xWarriors, as it begins its long-awaited pre-sale this week. Since it stepped into both the mobile world, as well as the TRON network through its accelerator, TRON Arcade, hopes have been high for its success.


Developers behind the game that were initially drawn to TRON thanks to its reputation for scalability, fast transactions, and a large user-base.

As one of the first wave of games on the network, this pre-sale represents a figurative acid test for whether this large user-base will buy into 0xWarriors.

This wouldn’t be its first experience with a pre-sale, however. Having previously launched a pre-sale on EOS in 2018, to a great deal of success, thanks to a highly invested community.

0xWarriors gained a lot of attention thanks to its decision to be bridgeable across both TRON and EOS. And as a mobile-based, PvP combat game, it’s quite possibly going to meet with success.

The pre-sale itself will run from January 24th, finally concluding on February 14th.

For more information on 0xWarriors, visit the website.

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