Chain Switchers: Web3 gaming platform Metacade expands to Base

Welcome to our article tracking the games which are switching blockchains or adding additional multichain support.

30th May: Blockchain gaming platform Metacade has announced it’s adopting a multi-chain integration by expanding to Ethereum L2 Base.

“Base’s quality and roadmap is a key driver in Metacade’s migration. By making the switch, we are able to provide our users with high speed and low transaction costs, which are crucial for builders,” commented Metacade CEO Russell Bennett.

With games including Wilder World, Nyan Heroes, and Dogami and more, Metacade’s recent migration also means the ecosystem can drive more utility by integrating the MCADE token.

16th May: Web3 fantasy gaming ecosystem Chibi Clash has announced it’s migrating to Base. With browser and mobile games such as Clash/Survivor and Clash/Hero, which are directly integrated with land-based meta game Chibi Clash Kingdoms, the Chibi Clash team is also backed by Polygon and was previously announced to build on Immutable.

14th May: With the release of its real-time wolves vs sheep strategy game Cave Game, one of the earliest fully onchain gaming projects, Wolf Game, has announced it’s moving to the newly launched Blast network. The game has previously been deployed on Ethereum.

2nd May: South Korean web3 game developer Delabs Games, helmed by former Nexon CEO Joonmo Kwon, has announced a partnership with Arbitrum. This will see the studio build its entire game portfolio – including Rumble Racing Star, Metabolts, and Space Frontier – on Arbitrum One.

The team previously deployed its flagship title, lawnmower racer game Rumble Racing Star on Polygon.

24th April: South Korean developer NDUS Interactive is bringing its Unreal-based PC shooter Xociety to the Sui blockchain.

Thanks to a collaboration with Mysten Labs, the game will launch its MCT token during the summer as it gears up to enter early access via Epic Games Store in Q4. Currently, Xociety has its avatar NFTs live on Ethereum and has been running regular playtests.

24th April: Currently based on BNB, the Puffverse universe is migrating its NFT characters and forthcoming game portfolio to Sky Mavis’ Ronin network. The developer’s first title to launch on Ronin will be multiplayer royale party game PuffGo.

28th March: Finance-centric L1 blockchain Injective is onboarding web3 gaming network SA World from Vietnam-based developer OneChain Studios, which previously launched on Polygon and BNB.

Backed by renown web3 ventures such as Coinbase and Pantera, SA World is an extensive gaming platform with over 100 casual games available via its PlayCity portal – including OneChain’s flagship idle RPG Summoners Arena.

Injective Labs CEO and co-founder Eric Chen, commented, “This integration unlocks SA World’s full potential, leveraging Injective’s cutting-edge technology essential for enhancing interoperability and maximizing asset value within the Web3 gaming industry.”

“We are thrilled to bootstrap the value of Injective’s resources as its first gaming infrastructure platform. Their ecosystem is a strong fit with ours when it comes to interoperability, technology, and community coming together to build a multi-chain future,” added SA World founder Du Le.

21st March: US-based mobile game developer InfiniGods has announced its most recent title King of Destiny is coming to Arbitrum, citing the network’s invisible wallets, high-speed transactions and growing dynamic mobile marketplace as main reasons for the move.

Prior to King of Destiny, InfiniGods has released browser-based puzzle game InfiniMerge and tower defense game Immortal Siege, both of which have previously been announced to deploy on Polygon. With interoperability a core feature of the InfiniGods ecosystem however, all its current and forthcoming titles are now set to join Arbitrum.

19th March: Web3 game developer Pixelcraft has announced its forthcoming L3 rollup Gotchichain is set to be built on Ethereum L2 Base.

“We are proud to work with the Base team as we explore new horizons in blockchain gaming. The Aavegotchi Gaming Console, powered by Gotchichain and Base’s infrastructure, is set to offer open-source, onchain gaming like never before. We are delighted to deliver a powerful gaming experience to our users, powered by fast and scalable L2 technology,” commented Pixelcraft CEO Coderdan.

Previously the Aavegotchi platform and its games were announced to deploy on Polygon in Q3 2023.

Instead, Gotchichain is now expected to launch in Q2 2024.

11th March: A year ago, in March 2023, South Korean game developer Nexon announced Polygon as the choice for its forthcoming web3 project MapleStory Universe. However, the company has recently announced a strategic partnership with Avalanche as its new network to deploy on.

“Our partnership with Avalanche will allow us to build a stable and complete blockchain ecosystem, enabling us to securely service various dApps along with MapleStory N to amplify our competitiveness,” commented the team’s Partnership Lead Angela Son.

In conjunction with the news, it’s also announced its PC-based MMORPG MapleStory N will launch in certain countries in 2024.

“I cannot imagine a bigger opportunity in web3 than what MapleStory Universe is doing, and we are honored to partner with MapleStory Universe to steward this IP using the power of Avalanche,” added Ava Labs Head of Gaming Ed Chang. 

7th March: Currently deployed on its own Avalanche subnet DFK Chain and Klaytn, web3 RPG DeFi Kingdoms has announced it’s expanding to integrate with Ethereum L2 Metis.

4th March: Ahead of its global mobile launch, Battle Bears Heroes has announced it’s leaving Ronin. The team has not revealed which blockchain the game is migrating to, neither is it clear what particular aspects of the game will integrate web3.

In May 2023, top-down shooter Battle Bears Heroes became the first third-party game to soft launch on Sky Mavis’ Ronin network.

21st February: Initially announced to launch on Immutable, Gadget-Bot has now announced its story-based RPG Kaidro will launch exclusively on Ronin.

21st February: First Light Games has announced its multiplayer battle royale Blast Royale is migrating from Polygon to Immutable zkEVM.

19th February: Initially deployed on Polygon, Janus Interactive Studios has announced its TCG Storm Warfare is integrating with Immutable zkEVM.

16th February: Mystic Games announced in December 2023 that it was bringing its two mobile titles, Call of the VoYd and Heroes of the VoYd, to South Korean blockchain Wemix. However, now the Swedish developer has announced it’s deploying the first title, Call of the VoYd, exclusively on Immutable zkEVM.

13th February: South Korean game outfit Com2uS has announced the games on its gaming blockchain XLPA will integrate with Japanese gaming blockchain Oasys.

As a first step is the creation of XPLA Verse as an Oasys L2 chain. The first of Com2uS’ web3 titles to adopt multichain support and integrate with Oasys will be Summoners War: Chronicles and The Walking Dead: All-Stars.

“Integration with various blockchain networks is pivotal for achieving mass adoption,” commented XLPA in the official announcement.

13th February: Singapore-based game developer LiquidX, which was recently announced to take over development of the Pixelmon game series has announced it’s bringing monster-battler Pixelmon Battle Arena to Immutable zkEVM.

Pixelmon currently has its NFTs on Ethereum, while its hyper casual title PixelPals is deployed on Mantle and Kevin the Adventurer has integrated with the Base blockchain.

8th February: Previously announced to be backed by layer-1 blockchain Elysium and with its Frontier Pass NFTs on Ethereum, game developer Vendetta Games has announced its wild-western metaverse Chalk River will deploy on Immutable’s zkEVM as well as implement the Immutable Passport wallet solution.

6th February: Polish game developer BoomLand is migrating its flagship title Hunters On-Chain from Polygon mainnet to Immutable’s zkEVM. 

5th February: Social sandbox game Paradise Tycoon from Finish developer Empire not Vampires has announced it’s migrating from Avalanche to Immutable’s zkEVM. Ahead of its expected launch in June 2024, the game is also set to integrate Immutable Passport.

“The Immutable team believes in our creative vision and capacity to reach a massive mainstream gamer audience. Leveraging their cutting-edge technology and development tools, we can create a fun game experience tailored to captivate and resonate with mainstream audiences,” commented Paradise Tycoon co-founder Timo Juuti.

In addition to the migration, the team has released a new roadmap and a collaboration with web3 incubator and launchpad Seedify.

24th January: Soccer management game Footium has announced it’s migrating from Ethereum mainnet to L2 blockchain Arbitrum One. Lower gas fees and increased transaction speed are the main reasons given for the move.

“After much research and many discussions with various teams in the space, we ultimately decided that Arbitrrum One was the best fit for Footium and will help us continue to grow the game for launch and help us scale much further beyond”, says the developer in the official announcement.

24th January: Reality+ has announced it’s partnering with The HBAR Foundation to deploy all its partner games’ assets exclusively on Hedera from now on.

Working with the likes of BBC Studios, ITV Studios, FIFA and Paul Frank, Reality+ helps brands to adopt to the new digital generation through experiences including games, metaverses and NFTs.

Reality+ CEO and co-founder Tony Pearce commented, “We are delighted to be using the Hedera Network exclusively for all of our projects going forward, with the benefits clear to see for both our brand partners and fans of our content alike. Together we look forward to delivering an exciting, fast, scalable and sustainable future for entertainment content powered by Hedera’s unique Hashgraph technology.”

“The Hedera network is purpose-built to enable large-scale tokenization. Through this multi-year partnership, we look forward to combining the unique benefits of digital collectibles on the network with the rich industry expertise of Reality+ & their partnership with global brands to seamlessly enter the world of web3 and establish their home on Hedera,” added The HBAR Foundation CEO Shayne Higdon.

19th January: Previously on Polygon, Crypto Unicorns from Laguna Games has announced it’s migrating to Offchain Labs’ Arbitrum L3 blockchain XAI. Looking to smooth the onramping process, the company says the move will help pave the way towards mass adoption. XAI’s node structure and lack of gas fees are other reasons given for the migration.

18th January: Multichain game Nekoverse: City of Greed and its ASG token will expand from Ethereum and Solana to integrate with the Beam blockchain.

11th January: Web3 game and creator platform Hytopia (former NFT Worlds) has announced its migrating L2 chain from Polygon to Arbitrum.

In December, Polygon dropped its support for Polygon Edge software, which was the software Hytopia previously launched its mainnet with, which made the team decide to migrate to Arbitrum.

14th December: With the recent release of its Alpha Season 4, My Neighbor Alice also announced it’s completed a full migration of the game to Chromia Shared Appnet network. While previously having its token on BNB, all game assets and logic will now operate fully onchain on the Chromia network, which also provides a bridge for users to transfer their ALICE tokens from BNB.

In addition, Chromia recently announced its Mainnet 1.0 is expected to launch sometime in 2024.

14th December: Space survival MMORPG Dark Frontiers from web3 game developer Gamestarter has announced it’s joining the Immutable network. With its NFTs and DARK token still on BNB, it’s not clear whether the game is migrating completely or just expanding to deploy cross-chain.

13th December: Currently deployed on Polygon, action RPG Rogue Nation from Moonlit Games has announced it’s deploying on Merit Circle’s Avalanche subnet Beam. The announcement follows shortly after Merit Circle unveiled plans to integrate with Immutable’s zkEVM.

When asked why Rogue Nation was running on Polygon in an interview with BlockchainGamer earlier in 2023, Moonlit Games’ co-founder and CEO Patrick McGrath commented, “we want to be where the builders are.”

On the Merit Circle partnership, McGrath said, “This partnership marks a significant step in redefining the gaming landscape. Together, we aim to blend our creative game development expertise with cutting-edge blockchain technology to create unparalleled gaming experiences that are easily accessible, deeply engaging, and rewarding for our players.”

12th December: Vietnam-based web3 game developer Mirai Labs has announced it’s migrating all game operations and assets to Avalanche subnet Mirai Chain. While previously running on Polygon, its two titles, including roguelite dungeon crawler Petopia and horse racing game Pegaxy, will now be deployed on Mirai Chain, which has been designed for mobile games.

“With its Subnet technology, unmatched developer support and exceptional scalability, Avalanche is increasingly known in the blockchain industry as the go-to network for web3 gaming”, commented Mirai Labs co-founder and CEO Corey Wilton on X.

5th December: Singapore blockchain game developer Foonie Magus is the latest company to announce it’s migrating from Polygon to launch its debut title – card battle god game Apeiron – on Sky Mavis’ Ronin blockchain.

Swedish game developer Mystic Games is bringing its two mobile titles, Call of the VoYd and Heroes of the VoYd, currently on Polygon, to South Korean gaming blockchain Wemix.

  • November

Dog racing and management game Dogami Academy launched on Tezos in October. In a recent announcement however, the developer says it aims to expand the ecosystem and onboard more players by deploying its game assets on Polygon, in addition to Tezos.

NFT holders can now migrate their Tezos NFTs to Polygon but they can’t be moved back. DOGA tokens can be bridged between Tezos and Polygon without limit. Following the move, Dogami NFTs on Polygon are now available via Opensea and the game’s DOGA token will be available on trading platform Bitpanda in addition to Uniswap.

Fully onchain tycoon sim Cryptopia has announced its integrating with Skale.

South Korean developer ACT Games has announced it’s bringing its games portfolio to the Ronin blockchain. Its first release on Ronin will be the currently-Polygon-based PC/mobile web3 TCG Zoids Wild Arena.

October 2023

MMORPG The Forgotten Runiverse from web3 gaming studio Bisonic, has announced it’s integrating with Arbitrum’s gaming and NFT ecosystem, as a way of enhancing player ownership and enabling users to mint anything they create in-game to the blockchain. Based on the Forgotten Runes Wizard’s Cult NFT collection, The Forgotten Runiverse previously deployed its assets on Ethereum, but alongside moving towards its full launch, the game is now deploying on L2 blockchain Arbitrum.

Mobile-first sci-fi strategy simulator Galaxy Blitz has announced it’s migrating from BNB to Oasys. As per the announcement, the migration is a measure to try and reach more Japanese and South East Asian players. It’s set to start on 20th November.

US studio Revolving Games is migrating Skyborne Genesis from Polygon to Arbitrum Nova in conjunction with its early access release of Skyborne Genesis Prologue on 4th October.

September 2023

Monopoly-themed Upland from Uplandme, currently with its economy on the EOS blockchain, has introduced a new Ethereum-based ERC-20 called Sparklet.

Raini Studios’ TCG The Lords of Light, which currently has its RAINI token live on Ethereum, BNB and Fantom, has announced it’s migrating to the Avalanche-powered Beam network. As part of a strategic rethink, the RAINI token (and what was to be its PHOTON token) will now become one unified and deflationary RST token, underpinning the entire Raini ecosystem, with liquidity only provided on Beam. RAINI tokens can be swapped 1:1 with RST, which will be used for buying special packs and allow discounted purchasing of the TLOL’s in-game currency, amongst other rewards.

Social farming game Pixels has announced it’s migrating from Polygon to Ronin.

August 2023: Dimension X, from Crypthulhu Studios, has announced it’s going cross-chain, and will deploy on Ethereum in addition to its current blockchain Flow.

Megaweapon, currently with its WEAPON token on Ethereum, has announced its migrating to the Avalanche-powered Beam blockchain.

July 2023: Mighty Bear Games’ Mighty Action Heroes switches from Polygon to Arbitrum.

Solana-based Aurory announced it’s going cross-chain, with Arbitrum the second chain to be supported via its SyncSpace tech.

Eyeball Games announced its pool game Eyeball Pool is migrating from Cronos to Immutable’s zkEVM chain.

US-based developer AMGI announced its My Pet Hooligan metaverse will migrate from having its PFP NFTs on Ethereum to exclusively deploy on Polygon, at least for the first 12 months.

Game developer Mythical Games announced it’s migrating its Mythos ecosystem from Ethereum to Polkadot.

June 2023: Champions Ascension has announced it’s moving from Ethereum to Polygon

March 2023: After initially moving from Immutable to Polygon in 2022, Studio 369 has announced its open world shooter MetalCore is returning to Immutable.

Blocklords, from MetaKing Studios, announced it’s switching from Immutable to Polygon, although it currently is supporting NFTs on both blockchains.

Pirate Nation has announced it’s switching from Polygon to Ethereum L2 Arbitrum Nova.

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