Animoca Brands acquires Skytree Digital

Skytree Digital has gained a strong reputation for music and Trading Card games

Skytree Digital is the latest in Animoca Brands’ aggressive new investment strategy

Animoca Brands is continuing to set itself apart as the go-to company for distribution in Asia. This week sees the company acquire a 75% stake in the Hong-Kong-based games studio – Skytree Digital.

Along with its newest game, Trillionia, Skytree has been responsible for a range of well-received titles. These range from Trading Card Games, to music and rhythm adventure titles.

As part of this new acquisition, Animoca Brands will be leveraging blockchain for Trillionia, specifically to make it’s trading cards an immutable series of NFTs. This is according to Yat Siu, CEO of Animoca Brands.

“Skytree is a company with a history of delivering high-quality products and who shares our vision on the future of nonfungible tokens (NFTs), so it’s a great fit with Animoca Brands.” Siu continues.

“We’re extremely excited about the opportunity to bring Trillionia to blockchain – not just because it’s a polished game that recently won the top digital entertainment award in Hong Kong, but also because its board game and collectable trading card game elements make it an ideal candidate for blockchain and NFTs.”

Titles from the Skytree team such as Hachi Hachi and Trillionia have already managed to accrue over 5 million downloads. The inclusion of blockchain could mean one of the first NFTs to hit a large-scale audience.

With the recent acquisitions and partnerships of Stryking and Lucid Sight, the company’s new aggressive strategy appears underway.

Check out the trailer for Trillionia here, which is available on Android and iOS.

For more information about Skytree Digital, visit the website.

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