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Conferences, Ideathons, and more from last week!

Blockchain Games NextMarch has been home to some exciting news and events. Over the course of this weekend, for example, we were fortunate enough to showcase the livestreamed NEO Game Conference from Tokyo.

And when it comes to events, the best is still yet to come as we provide even more insight into Blockchain Games Next! Alongside these events, the blockchain gaming world has certainly not been standing still.

So without further ado, here is your weekly update on blockchain gaming news!

1) Enjin and its new SDK for Unity have landed on Ethereum Testnet


With an active user-base of 4.5 million developers and effectively responsible for 28 billion installs of various game titles, Unity is a dominant force in the world of game design.

2) IOST launches its mainnet and introduces six games to its V1 platform


IOST has officially launched its mainnet and has already reached landmark block heights. Specifically, last week saw the official launch of the Olympus V1, with more updates to come throughout March.

3) War of Crypto teases at mobile platform

War of Crypto

War Of Crypto, along with enjoying early successes with its item pre-sale, has made some positive moves in March.

4) XAYA’s ‘Project X’ has a name – Taurion

From Chimera to XAYA, and what we once knew as ‘Project X‘ just a short time ago, has another name.

5) Why IOST CEO Jimmy Zhong is looking for quality dapps, not quantity

Jimmy Zhong certainly thinks so, but then again, he is the CEO of IOST, the Singapore-based blockchain which launched its mainnet on 25 February and is about to complete its native token swap.

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